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& Mission

Our Vision

“Every drug can be made and every disease can be treated” by building an open-access platform with the most comprehensive capabilities and technologies in the global biologics industry

Our Mission

To accelerate and transform the discovery, development and manufacturing of biologics through a comprehensive open-access platform, enabling our global healthcare partners and benefiting patients worldwide

Our Company

WuXi Biologics (stock code: 2269.HK), a Hong Kong-listed company, is a leading global open-access biologics technology platform offering end-to-end solutions to empower organizations to discover, develop, and manufacture biologics from concept to commercial manufacturing. The company’s history and achievements demonstrate its commitment to providing a truly one-stop service offering and strong value proposition to its global clients. As of March 22, 2021, there were a total of 361 integrated projects, including 190 projects in pre-clinical development stage, 137 projects in early-phase (phase I and II) clinical development, 32 projects in late-phase (phase III) development and 2 projects in commercial manufacturing. With total estimated capacity for biopharmaceutical production planned in China, Ireland, the U.S., Germany, and Singapore around 430,000 liters after 2024, WuXi Biologics will provide its biomanufacturing partners with a robust and premier-quality global supply chain network.

As of March 22, 2021

projects in pre-clinical development stage


projects in early-phase clinical trials


projects in late-phase clinical trials


projects in commercial manufacturing


Integrity, Dedication, Working Together & Sharing Success

  • Put Customers First

    Exceed customers’ expectations, maximize the value for our customers, and win customers’ loyalty with a 100% customer retention rate.

  • Demonstrate Integrity

    Take the initiative to promote a positive work environment where doing the right thing is the standard. Be positive and enthusiastic, approach challenges with energy and optimism.

  • Strive for Excellence

    Pursue focus and expertise, and optimize processes in order to deliver excellent results. Relentlessly drive learning, accumulation, improvement and innovation.

  • Execute for Results

    Drive effective execution of each project and objective, focusing on solutions and results.

  • Pursue Collaboration and Teamwork

    Engage in collaboration and mutual development with an open and win-win mindset by sharing resources and leveraging the complementary advantages of each.

  • Embrace Change and Drive Innovation

    Demonstrate flexibility and ability to embrace change. Adapt quickly to transformational and innovative conditions with a strong commitment to breakthroughs and development.

History & Awards

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  • History

    October 2012 - The Wuxi site was put into operation as the first cGMP biologics manufacturing facility in China.

  • History

    January 2011 – Began mission of providing single-source, open access technology platforms for biologics by building facilities and laboratories in Shanghai and Wuxi for the discovery, development, testing and manufacturing of biologics

  • History

    May 2010 - WuXi Biologics Co., Ltd. was registered in Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province, China.

Business Ethics & IP Policy

As a leading global open-access biologics technology platform, WuXi Biologics is committed to the highest possible standards of openness, probity and accountability. Employees, officers and directors strive to deal honestly, ethically and fairly with our suppliers, customers, competitors and employees. Statements regarding the Company’s products and services must not be false, misleading, deceptive or fraudulent. Accordingly, WuXi Biologics strives to conduct business with individuals and organizations who share our commitment to high ethical standards and who operate in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. 

In line with that commitment, the Company expects and encourages its employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders who have concerns about any suspected misconduct or malpractice within the Company to come forward and voice those concerns through the whistleblowing channel. Compliance reporting:



Preservation of your IP is our highest priority.
We have established stringent policies and procedures for IP protection and prosecution of IP violations to ensure your success and win your trust.

“Our purpose in business is to enable innovation for our global partners, who keep us at the top of their confidence. IP is our shared lifeline. We guard it at WuXi Biologics with founding principles of integrity, world-class security, zero tolerance policies, and relentless pursuit of justice against any criminal act. This is our highest priority, and we must hold ourselves accountable. We are determined to earn the trust of our partners by committing to success together.”

- Dr. Ge Li, Chairman of WuXi Biologics

Intellectual Property Protection is the foundation of trust between WuXi Biologics and our global customers. To that end, we have established the most stringent policies in China and in U.S. for the protection of intellectual property and for prosecution of IP violations. We guard IP with founding principles of integrity, world-class security, zero-tolerance policy enforcement, and relentless pursuit of justice against any criminal act.

Environmental, Social and Governance

WuXi Biologics, as a company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, is now preparing for the 2020 Environment Social Governance report. We sincerely invite all stakeholders to provide valuable opinions and hope to take this opportunity to comprehensively and objectively evaluate the issues that stakeholders value the most. This questionnaire is anonymous, aiming to understand and assess environmental, social and governance issues that are considered important by various stakeholders, so as to determine the content of our environmental, social and governance report.

Link of Questionnaire:

Pioneer and Promote Green Practices

We are dedicated to implementing sustainable and eco-friendly business practices by building a comprehensive and integrated Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) management system, sourcing ethically, advocating reduced energy consumption, minimizing effluent, and acting responsibly to tackle climate change and reduce operational impact on the environment. 

  • Quality management system certificate

  • Environmental management system certificate

  • Occupational health and safety management system certificate

※ In 2019, Phase I of the Mashan Base, Wuxi Site was awarded the ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certificate.

We adhere to the Three R’s:
Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
  • Adopt more energy-saving technologies and equipment, such as disposable bioreactors

  • Use water sparingly and reuse for multiple purposes

  • Encourage the use of renewable materials and recycling

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, untreated waste gases and waste discharge. Enforce noise pollution regulations

Give Back to Community

  • Participate in the Protecting Endangered Wild Animals charitable project led by World Animal Protection and become a signatory to the Wild Animal Friendly undertaking as a pharmaceutical enterprise

  • Introduced the science exhibition area to educate on rare and orphan drug diseases and drug development 

  • Organize routine blood donations and actively undertake social responsibility through company-sponsored programs

  • Hold summer Open Access Week events to provide training to better understand the healthcare industry and drug development

Improve Corporate Governance

  • Employee First

  • Corporate Compliance and Anti-Corruption

  • Quality as Foundation

Build a healthy and safe working environment for employees.

Promote a talent development program and sound training system that offers employees promotion opportunities

Offer competitive wages and benefits to foster employees’ sense of belonging and well-being.

Adhere to equal employment opportunity to advance a diverse workforce and to create an equal and inclusive corporate culture

Establish our own compliance management system

“Zero tolerance” for bribery and corruption

Value honesty and trustworthy business conduct

Build a world-class quality system to enable global partners

Establish a 7-step workflow to strictly control every segment


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