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Locations & Facilities

Global Network

  • Shanghai, ChinaWaigaoqiao Free Trade Zone

    Original facility opened in October 2011

    17,748 sq. m. multi-facility site is home to one of the largest biologics development teams and laboratories in the world

    One of the first sites in the world with an integrated platform spanning biologics drug discovery to late-phase (phase III) clinical development

  • Shanghai, ChinaFengxian District

    1.6 million sq. ft. global innovation site to be operational in 2021

    New state-of-the-art facilities providing discovery, development, analytical development and QC testing and pilot and clinical-scale GMP manufacturing capabilities in one location

  • Wuxi, ChinaMashan

    Multiple facilities with a total area of 160,000 sq. m.

    Early and late-stage development laboratories and clinical and commercial-scale drug substance and drug product GMP manufacturing

    First facility in China approved by the U.S. FDA and EMA for production of a commercial antibody therapeutic

  • Wuxi, ChinaWuxi Hi-Tech District

    Facility dedicated to the development, and GMP manufacture of drug substance and drug product of bioconjugation products (e.g., antibody drug conjugates)

  • Suzhou, China

    Site opened in December 2014

    Over 10,100 sq. m. testing facility was the first non-government affiliated biosafety testing facility in Asia

    Facility performs cell line characterization, viral clearance validation studies and unprocessed bulk lot release

  • Hangzhou, China

    Operational since 2020 this multi-facility site will be GMP-ready in 2021

    Home to facilities dedicated to the development and GMP manufacture of recombinant proteins and plasmid DNA produced via microbial fermentation

    Separate facilities available for the development and GMP production of viral-based vaccines

  • Chengdu, ChinaNew Expansion Sites

    Planned to open in 2023 this 314,000 sq. m. (1.3 million sq. ft.) multi-facility site will be the largest CDMO site in western China

    New integrated manufacturing center will include drug research and development and commercial-scale drug substance manufacturing facilities with initial bioreactor capacity of 48,000 L

  • Shijiazhuang, ChinaNew Expansion Sites

    Planned 82,160 sq. m. facility will be one of the largest CDMO facilities in northern China 

    New biologics center will house development laboratories and a biologics commercial-scale drug substance manufacturing facility with initial bioreactor capacity of 48,000 L

    Operations to commence in 2022

  • SingaporeNew Expansion Sites

    Invested $60 Million to provide facilities for early stage bioprocess development and clinical-scale GMP manufacture

    Operations expected to commence in 2023

  • Dundalk, Ireland

    Over 45,000 sq. m. facility resides on 26-hectare site acquired in April 2018 and was supported by by the Irish Government through IDA Ireland

    This“Factory of the Future” will provide biologics commercial-scale GMP manufacturing

    Operations to commence in 2021 with additional expansion to include commercial-scale drug product manufacture by 2022

  • WuXi Vaccines

    WuXi Vaccines will construct a purpose-built vaccine manufacturing facility adjacent to the WuXi Biologics “Factory of the Future.” 

    Operations to commence in 2022

  • Leverkusen, Germany

    Site acquired in June 2020 from Bayer and expected to be operational in late 2020

    Over 13,000 sq. m. commercial-scale vial sterile fill and freeze-drying facility

  • Worcester, U.S.

    Site ground breaking in June 2020 for 107,000 sq. ft. facility

    State-of-the-art single-use technology facility is located in the world’s top biotech hub

    Site dedicated to biologics GMP clinical- and commercial-scale manufacturing

    Operations to commence in 2023

  • New Jersey, U.S.

    Facility focused on biologics development and drug substance GMP clinical-scale manufacturing 

    Over 66,000 sq. ft. facility located in the robust biopharmaceutical tristate region of NY, NJ and PA

    Site operations to start in 2021

  • Pennsylvania, U.S.

    More than 33,000 sq.ft. of Biosafety Level 2 laboratories

    Site operations started in October 2020

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